News about the $1.6M Battlefield 3 Tournament which is released for 2012

Battlefield 3

The $1.6 million Battlefield 3 tournament is going to be commenced in 2012. We are practically within that year so it might be beneficial to start taking into consideration how the struggle is going to affect the industry in general and the fans in particular. Video games have long been associated with entertainment but money is gradually seeping into More...

by SoftPeek | Published 3 years ago
Call of Duty Online
By Pratik Mahapa On Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

MOFPS Debut a Trailer Call of Duty Online (Tencent China)

There has been news coming from Call of Duty online. Apparently MOFPS is in the process of introducing a trailer (Tencent China). Further information about the update can be found at A modified version More...

Modern Warfare 3
By Pratik Mahapa On Saturday, October 18th, 2014

Modern Warfare 3 Luxury Pack is Meant to Dazzle you with a Series of Gaming Experiences

The Modern Warfare 3 game comes with an Oscar Mike which has multiplayer capabilities. It is also a limited Xbox tool which takes gaming to a whole new level. The official launch is in November but already there More...