Published On: Mon, Jul 13th, 2015

The Skyrim ‘Dawnguard’ Trailer has been released

A link has been added below following the release of the Skyrim ‘Dawnguard’ Trailer. It is the official clip that introduces the first non-mode expansion to the open world RPG by Bethesda. Fans know that the battle of the ‘Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is not over yet. The trailer debuted today ahead of E3 and it is great. One of the reasons that we are excited about it is the fact that Bethesda finally gets the combat mode right. It is going to be a major selling point for the Elder Scrolls franchise. Previously Skyrim provided plenty of problems for the fans especially when the initial sheen of the game began to wear off. Eventually they had to do something or else the entire thing would end up bombing.

Many people have been yearning for engaging combats within the Elder Scrolls. The great news is the Skyrim ‘Dawnguard’ Trailer shows every sign of fulfilling these expectations in full. Needless to say, this is a major step up from Oblivion which had some problems to deal with. Nevertheless some people are worried that the game is not yet as good as it could be. The industry is so competitive that any perceived weaknesses will ensure that it struggles with the online sales pitch. That is something that the designers and marketers do not want to have to deal with.

Skyrim 'Dawnguard'

Skyrim ‘Dawnguard’

Looking at its contemporaries, there is much to be admired about the game when you consider the tester from the Skyrim ‘Dawnguard’ Trailer. We always look out for some good Vampire and Vampire Hunters going after one another. The best thing that we can say about it is the vast improvement in terms of the engagement battles. They really seem to have grasped the needs of gamers across the world. The full version will be available for download if you can cough up $20 or are ready to spend 1600 Microsoft Points. It is going to be released on Xbox Live during the summer. 30 days later they will add the PlayStation 3 and PC add-on. They say that it is a DLC because of its size and scope. Later this year we will see the Dark Souls DLC.

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