Published On: Mon, Jul 13th, 2015

The $8 Million iPad 2 is an Exercise in Mindless Extravagance

Introduction: At a time when the technology market is facing problems, the creation of the $8 Million iPad 2 is meant to boost the profile for the manufacturer. Apparently it contains dinosaur bones and only two exclusive pieces will be made. Is it worth the buzz?

Specifications: The $8 Million iPad 2 is the work of Stuart Hughes, a British designer with a penchant for luxury. It has the basic features in the class but is primarily made up of gold. It is also encrusted with real dinosaur bones as if that were the most important thing in the world today. Commentators are keen to dub it the Gold History Edition in an effort to stretch its marketing capabilities. The designer is demanding the hefty price tag on account of its historical importance. Collectors might decide to indulge in this piece of extravagance if their pocket allows it or they may settle for the simple iPad 2 which seems to have worked well so far.

The material used for the front frame is Ammolite, a rock that is said to be over 75 million years old. In addition you will also get some sections of the thigh bone which belonged to T-Rex, a creature reputed to have lived 65 million years ago. The original bones were shaved and splintered in order to crate the Ammolite surface. In the rear you have 2 kilograms of 24 carat gold. The famous Apple logo is made from 53 pieces of 12.5 carat ā€˜Iā€™Fā€™ flawless diamonds. There is then a center piece which is made of 8.5 carat diamonds which seat in a base of platinum. They are also surrounded by 12 outer diamonds representing the home button.

iPad 2

iPad 2

This is silly season and therefore you should not be surprised by the occurrence of such extravagance. In all probability the $8 Million iPad 2 will never be used in the normal way. Can you imagine rushing through the underground carrying all these diamonds? The bad boys would be onto you like a rash. One supposes that there is some historical significance to the dinosaur bones. Hopefully this will not become another useless relic which eats up the money that should have gone into feeding the starving millions in the world. Art is known to be fickle and irrational. Therefore it would not be surprising if the $8 Million iPad 2 was bought in a matter of months.

Best Feature: You have to admit that the dinosaur bones are something special. Virtually nobody will be able to find anything similar. Of course you will presumably get all the standard features that go with an iPad 2.

Pros: You get to impress your potential partners with the $8 Million iPad 2 which can never be replicated. That would be the best chat up line ever. The technology will have to be exceptional in order to justify the pricing.

Cons: The insurance costs on the $8 Million iPad 2 must be astronomical. It might become such a security risk that you end up avoiding it for most of the time. However it could make a great museum piece.

Summary: Using dinosaur bones and the best diamonds in the world has contributed to the creation of the $8 Million iPad 2. That is enough to impress anyone. Sadly mere mortals may never get the chance to check out its best features.

Editor Rating: It would be outrageous if the $8 Million iPad 2 got anything less than 5 out of 5 stars.

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