Published On: Thu, Jul 2nd, 2015

Review of the T-Mobile Prism smartphone

The T-Mobile Prism smartphone costs anything from $129.99. In this review we are not entirely sure that it is a fair pricing strategy. However it is certainly competitive when you consider the alternatives. The call quality is good and the data speeds are acceptable. Unfortunately its camera quality leaves a lot to be desired. Likewise the screen resolution is very low. The processor is not any better. Should you really spend your money on this smartphone?

Specifications: Despite some misgivings the T-Mobile Prism smartphone gives you everything that you would expect from a 3G smartphone. It has basic calling facilities with texting features. The web browsing specifications are a bonus and can be added for just $20. Of course it may not be suitable if you are looking for speed and professional photos. For contrast you may want to consider the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx which starts at $149.99. You have to remember that the brand was trying to come up with an affordable solution for consumers who want Android features.

Specifically this smartphone was targeted towards first time users. If you are able to take on a two year contract then you may be able to access the set for $19.99. You are also required to send in a $50 mail-in rebate card, a standard requirement in these agreements. There are two color choices when you purchase the T-Mobile Prism smartphone (gray and red). Its dimensions are 4.58” by 2.31” by 0.48”. That comes out at 4.4 oz. A sturdy build ensures that it always feels compact and comfortable. A Micro-USB port has been added at the bottom of the handset. There is also a volume rocker on the left side. Of course it would be surprising if there was no 3.5mm headphone jack.

T-Mobile Prism

T-Mobile Prism

The soft-coated plastic ensures that you can control fingerprints and yet the smartphone feels a lot more luxurious than it really is. There is no flash and the lack of a front-facing camera is very inconvenient. We loved the 2GB microSD card in this review. This means that you can expand your memory resources by 32GB. The 1,400mAh lithium ion battery does the job that it was designated for well. The 3.5” capacitive touch screen has a resolution of 320 pixels by 480 pixels. That means that it can show 262 thousand hues but there are problems with this particular specification.

The Good: The T-Mobile Prism smartphone is a very basic alternative to some of the more luxurious brands.

The Bad: The poor image quality made us wonder in this review whether this was really the best choice on the market today.

Editor Rating: This T-Mobile Prism smartphone deserves 3.5 stars out of 5 for doing a basic job and being affordable.

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