Published On: Thu, Jul 9th, 2015

Review of the Sony VAIO YB Series VPC-YB35KX/B

The Sony VAIO YB Series VPC-YB35KX/B is a Fusion E-450 product which is capable of 1.65 GHz worth of operating capacity. It features a screen that is 11.6” with TFT capabilities. The review of this product has to concentrate on its ability to deliver accurate information to the user. We love the fact that there is a lot of hard drive space. The performance is quite impressive with an AMD E-450 processor.  The battery life is quite long and the portability readings are acceptable. Some reviewers have compared it favorably to the Netbook while at the same time benefitting from a generous pricing strategy. We hate the keyboard which is a bit crowded. Moreover there is no USB 3.0 utility. Generally speaking, this is a gadget that is capable of great things if given half the chance.

Specifications: The Sony VAIO YB Series VPC-YB35KX/B includes an AMD E-350 APU. The storage space readings are acceptable and there is enough RAM to occupy a small laptop. You retain the 4GB worth of Random Access Memory as well as a hard drive that measures 500GB. The lowest price that we have seen is $469 but you could bring it lower if you are using a package for your purchasing requirements. The processor has been described as being quite quick and the first tests indicate that this assessment is quite accurate. Although the size is rather small there are other aspects that make this a great gadget to have in the long run. On the downside we noted that the AMD E-450 facility is slower than the Intel Core i5 which is a mainstream element within the genre. The Ultra book is thinner but the specification is really effective.

Sony VAIO YB Series VPC-YB35KX/B

The review considered the processor in particular which was found to have 1.6GHz which is supported by the AMD Fusion E-450 Dual-Core APU. The memory readings are 4GB with 1333 MHz DDR3. The hard drive is capable of handling 500GB with a turn rate of 5400rpm. You get a chipset that is of the AMD 1510h variety. The graphics are powered by the AMD Radeon HD 6320. The operating system that has been selection is the Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit edition. This is a portable gadget with readings of 1.2” by 11.2” by 8”. Its weight without the AC adapter is 3.1lbs and the adapter adds 0.5lbs. From the point of view of aesthetics you may feel that the gray plastic cover is appalling but that is a minor detail in the grand scheme of things.

Pros: The graphics are fairly accommodative although you might be able to get better images with an alternative gadget. The operating system is efficient if not spectacular. We love the batter life as well as its portability.

Cons: According to the review the Sony VAIO YB Series VPC-YB35KX/B might benefit from a bit of jazzing up. The lack of a 3.0 USB utility is a missed opportunity.

Editor rating: Looking at the specification and the price tag, the Sony VAIO YB Series VPC-YB35KX/B deserves 4 stars out of 5.

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