Published On: Mon, Jul 13th, 2015

Review of the Sony Alpha NEX-7

It would not be prudent to review the Sony Alpha NEX-7 without actually considering the improvements that have already been registered in the series. This is one of those mirrors-less interchangeable lens cameras which have been developed since 2010. They keep adding specifications in order to ensure that the consumer has nothing really substantial to complain about when they purchase the product. They are particularly concerned about bulk and therefore dimensions take center-stage.

This review notes that this camera is able to provide very good images which are well beyond what you might expect for the size. The portability is an added bonus for the Sony Alpha NEX-7 in terms of its ability to compete on the open market. The firmware updates are very prudent given the competition that is out there. You get a 24MP APS-C CMOS sensor. This allows you to have video quality recording capabilities of 1080p-60. The product has been blessed with EVF almost as if you to tempt you into complaining when there is nothing to complain about. We love the 2.4M dot OLED resolution which is one of the best in the industry.

Sony Alpha NEX-7

Sony Alpha NEX-7

It must be said that the Sony Alpha NEX-7 also benefits from an in-built Alpha hot-shoe facility with flash. The user interface has been developed for convenience with two additional dials. You can cycle through the functions when you press a button that is situation beside the shutter. The soft keys on the rear dial are a nice touch that means you do not get tired as you work through the programs. You will love the titling rear LCD screen as well as the triple dial control. The division of the functionality is one of the biggest advantages going for this camera.

In this review we commend the design values that drive the Sony Alpha NEX-7. For example they have placed the buttons in such a way as to make it very easy for the user even if they are not professionally trained. The image quality is also fairly impressive on this bit of kit. You may feel that there is nothing outstanding about the Sony Alpha NEX-7. The review has noted that they have simply built up the features that were found on the predecessors. Shockingly some people even hate the fact that the camera is relatively small.

Editor rating: Having reviewed the Sony Alpha NEX-7, we come to the conclusion that it deserves 4 stars out of 5.

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