Published On: Mon, Jul 13th, 2015

Review of Raspberry Pi’s Credit Card Size Computer

When we do modern technology reviews, size has always been an important consideration. You cannot fault Raspberry Pi’s Credit Card Size Computer in this respect. It is the ultimate portable accessory at just $35. However the gimmicky nature of the specifications might put you off. Why create a computer that is not practical for the user. You may claim that the price is low but that is money that can be put to good use when you buy a fully fledged laptop or notebook. In this review we examine the dimensions of the innovation.

Within hours of the launch, the little gadget was busy outselling everything in sight. It has the ideal size for people that want to discreetly access the functionality that has been on offer. A review of the Raspberry Pi’s Credit Card Size Computer should not forget to point out the fact that its portability does not excuse the gadget from the scrutiny we expect in these things. It is a PC that can be programmed once you plug it into any television set. There are 3D graphics for people who are that way included. We love the Blu-Ray video playback which is a real gem considering the specifications that are used as standard bearers for the industry.

Raspberry Pi's Credit Card Size Computer

Raspberry Pi model B low cost computer

The gadget has been prepared by British designers and that means that it will remain a flagship for that economy. The Raspberry Pi’s Credit Card Size Computer is meant to ensure that it triggers an interest in programming. Therefore they are deliberately targeting the younger generation and possibly schools which feel the need to expand the scope of their operations. Apparently they wanted to build a low cost computer which was virtually accessible to any child. Robert Mullins is the co-founder of the design entity and is clearly pleased with the initial responses that they are getting. This review agrees with the sentiments and the extent of success that has been achieved. You get an uncased circuit board as well as an Ethernet connection. A charger and USB port means that you can deal with the memory restrictions.

At just $35, this is probably the nearest thing you can get for a democratic computer. It is readily accessible to anyone. The functionality might be restricted on the Raspberry Pi’s Credit Card Size Computer. This review anticipates that some users will feel as if they are playing games rather than using a real gadget.

Editor Rating: This review offers 4.5 stars out of 5 for this innovative gadget.

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