Published On: Mon, Jul 13th, 2015

Objective Review of the Lenovo Ultrabook U3000s

The grand theme that follows the Lenovo Ultrabook U3000s review is intelligence. This is a technology class that will attempt to bring something new to the market. There are no guarantees given the way in which the sector is developing but at least the protagonists are doing their very best. The laptop destination is up for grabs and the most innovative companies will be out in full force to take advantage of all the goodies that are in store. It will be a test of wills and competence at the end of the day.

Specifications: From a physical point of view, a review of the Lenovo Ultrabook U3000s will concentrate on a class that has a laptop that is no less than 11” and no more than 13” in terms of the display model. This is just about right for the average consumer that wants to be able to make use of compact gadgets without losing their eyesight in the process. The thickness criterion has to be less than 18” because we need to be able to carry the gadgets around without fearing that our backs will be adversely affected. Moreover there have to be some arraignments for SSD storage given the multiplicity of functionalities that are envisaged under the review. From a processing point of view, the Core i-Series represent a good deal. By contrast you will find that the MacBook Air is slightly more expensive. On a design basis there has to be sufficient class in order to compete with the rivals that are circling the market at the moment.

Lenovo Ultrabook

Lenovo Ultrabook

Lenovo has put out a working unit to open up the trend for these gadgets. The Lenovo IdeaPad U300s set is a great bargain with a 13.3” display. The processing power is provided by the Core i7 processor with ULV specifications. The SSD will give you up to 256GB worth of storage space. It is not a particularly thick gadget with readings of 0.6” at the latest attempt. Aesthetically speaking the review will be pleased at the use of clean lines instead of cluttering the whole thing in scenes that are reminiscent of the past. Muted grey is dull but fine. The breathable keyboard has no bottom vents but that is just one quirky bit in the series. Overall they have passed the design test with flying colors. It would not be surprising if this became the eminent example of good taste in the future.

Best Feature: The convenience of the Lenovo Ultrabook U3000s is their strongest point. We have reached a stage where technology no longer has to be complex. The review has surmised that the current offering is doing this job very well.

Editor Rating: Unfortunately there is hardly any drama that is associated with the Lenovo Ultrabook U3000s. They are simply there to do a job and they do it well. That means that a score of anywhere between 3.5 and 4.5 stars out of 5 would be appropriate. Of course we are still waiting for something to dazzle us.

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