Published On: Mon, Jul 13th, 2015

Is the Soul by Ludacris SL300 Worth the Price?

The Soul by Ludacris SL300 is priced at $299.95. This seems like a bargain but are we really getting value for money? Amazon has been busy marketing this gadget and there is no shortage of interest from the people who are interested in exploring modern technology. The challenge for the product is the fact that it is competing in an environment that has been polluted by false celebrity endorsements. However there are many great features that make it a formidable competitor.

Specifications: The Soul by Ludacris SL300 benefits from a noise cancellation ability which is impressive in the circumstances. The headband is padded and this makes this a particularly comfortable accessory to wear. The perks that are added to the design show the care that was taken with this particular gadget. The bass can be overwhelming and you will not enjoy the louder music because of this beat. However you may like the sonic profile which is crystal clear. Keep away from songs that use electronic instruments if you are working with this gadget. The sound becomes outrageously bad. The purists might think that the basic model has been tampered with for so long that the value has reduced.

Ludacris SL300

Ludacris SL300

As far as headphones go, the Soul by Ludacris SL300 is able to promote the brand in different segments with lots of confidence. There is nothing to be ashamed of when you are working with this particular beauty. The fold up design is very convenient especially if you are fed up of walking with all those cables. It is not necessary to engage the power isolation switch before you can listen to music using this accessory. The color choices are black or white. A small tactile button will help you to toggle the different settings. The fit is very precise and will add considerably to your level of comfort. There are minimal contacts on the leather and this means that you can say a grateful farewell to those horrendous headaches. There is a small indicator to distinguish the sides.

Best Feature: The carabineer is a nice touch because it allows you to carry the gadget on your hip or backpack. A small webbed netting pocket comes with the package. A straight plug then goes down the headphones to create an angle. This is the case that is covered on both sides. The cancellation and equalization elements within the design are particularly effective in ensuring that you get a pure sound. The deliberate bass push is a great complement to the subwoofer system. It is a great complement for people who want to listen to pop music, hip hop and R&B.

Pros: It is all about the sound when it comes to the Soul by Ludacris SL300. They have worked on an inspirational design but at the end of the day the sound justifies the price.

Cons: The bass is very deep and that can be disruptive to users. However you will find a way of equalizing the elements. On the other hand you may actually enjoy particular types of music such as pop.

Summary: It is safe to say that the Soul by Ludacris SL300 will not embarrass you even in the highest social circles. This is a great accessory for all ages.

Editor Rating: For sheer stylish possibilities the Soul by Ludacris SL300 earns 4 stars out of 5.

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