Published On: Sun, Jul 5th, 2015

How the FaceBook Timeline Change Could Affect Contacts and Emails: Are you ready for it?

There have been some significant changes to the FaceBook Timeline. This is likely to have an effect on both contacts and emails. Originally the concept was developed as a means of lighting up the Blogosphere. Understandably, users are rather upset that the emails which they registered with the social networking website have been unilaterally altered without their express consent.

  • Missing emails: Perhaps a more serious issue is the possible that some emails may go missing under the new system. Moreover there have been reported cases of address books being altered. FaceBook users are fretting about the long term effect on their information stores.

The latest changes primarily affect those people with mobile devices and software which synchronizes their FaceBook Contacts with their ordinary address book. It was only last week that users learnt about the quiet moves which effectively ensured that they were losing more ground to the social networking giant in terms of their ability to manage their accounts.

FaceBook Timeline

FaceBook Timeline

Addresses displayed on the Timeline have changed

Under the new system the old email will be replaced by your The people that had been affected by the changes immediately visited the FaceBook Community Forums to complain. Their outrage was primarily directed at the social network website for failing to inform them about the decision, let alone asking for their consent. An Adobe employee complained about emails being misdirected because of the changes.

The vanishing emails are particularly worrisome. There was an assertion from another party that the automatic altering of user contacts was at fault in terms of the missed notifications. Others say that the entire thing was built into the Apple iOS 6 FaceBook Integration model. Most of the changes occur without the user even knowing what is going on. The issues of privacy are another cause for concern.

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