Published On: Mon, Jul 13th, 2015

First Twitter Themed Cruise Voyage is Launched with the Norwegian

When you attend a Norwegian cruise, you expect virtually every luxury item going. The rich and famous celebrities love to use these opportunities to relax. These super rich communities also reminiscence about all the great things that they have had. It is a great holiday plan and now the social media circuit is being added to the mix. The Twitter theme is very interesting and might help to get rid of the perception that all cruises are exclusively limited to pensioners and other elderly citizens. This is the kind of holiday which all members of the family can enjoy. The event has been dubbed the SeaTweetup. You get to spend three nights on the ship and travel around the Bahamas.  Twitter users are invited to join the circus which starts in Miami on the 18th of November. You will be travelling in the Norwegian Sky which is capable of holding up to 2002 passengers.  The sponsors of the event include Social Buzz TV and Social Esquire, a digital media consultancy group.



During the voyage, the travelers will be actively encouraged to point out their experiences and then share them with any people that may not be travelling on the voyage.  It is admittedly an innovative idea for an industry that has sometimes stuck to the formula. A networking event has been arranged abode and will give the travelers a reminder of the themes that are being actively pursued by this project. Several port calls have been arranged and it is designed to mimic a real holiday. Along the way guest will be able to look at the 250 acre private island of Great Stirrup Cay which is owned by the cruise company. It is undergoing a $20 million upgrade to turn it into a real gem for tourists.

Bringing social media to the world of cruises

Let’s face it; the stereotypical cruise passenger is unlikely to be carrying the latest iPod. Undoubtedly they will be living the luxury lifestyle but in the old fashioned sense of things. For this particular Twitter voyage, the fees start at $271.32 per person. They can rise to $999 if you are looking for a penthouse suite with a large balcony. The trip includes 10 eateries and lounges to boot. There is a fitness center and spa as well as a casino. Those visitors interested in retail therapy will have the latest designer items from the duty free shops. From the social media side of things, the visitor will get invitations to in-port as well as using the Wi-Fi network which has been installed on the ship.

Some rather sarcastic responses have been found on the luxury blogs which are reporting the story. There are potential clients who feel that Twitter is becoming geeky and there is no reason to celebrate it. On the other hand everyone is getting into social media. Even the haute couture houses are no longer immune to its charms. That is why this project has been put in place and will probably be a great success.

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