Published On: Sun, Jun 14th, 2015

Richard Branson is Renting out Flying Submarine

One of the richest men in the world has decided to rent out his flying submarine. The cynical point of view might be that Richard Branson is bored with the toy and is behaving like a typical businessman by ensuring that it is ultimately put to good use. He could use the money since he will be repairing the burnt home on his private island. This is a man that is conquering all spheres of influence. He has Virgin Mobile taking over the airwaves and then also dabbles in flying with Virgin Airlines. The futuristic toy is perhaps the latest ploy by the astute businessman to crack new markets way ahead of the competition. The Necker Nymph might do wonders for the eccentric billionaire who is looking for something to entertain him during the winter months.

The extravagant description for the flying submarine includes references to an underwater aircraft. They Nymph vessel is partnered with the Necker Belle, a catamaran which often takes to the high seas. With the Nymph you can get very low to depths of 30 meters. A trained pilot will have to support you when the vessel is being helmed. The speed has been estimated at 6 knots or 7 mph.  You can carry 2 passengers but they are required to come equipped with SCUBA gear. This is done in order to ensure that you have enough oxygen as you navigate the Caribbean. A world of sea creatures awaits you as long as you avoid the sharks.

Flying Submarine

Flying Submarine

Travelling by water using innovative technology

The luxury flying submarine is housed at the Necker Island, a place of retreat for the millionaire. Recently a property burned down but there is still plenty to see. In any case the mogul vowed to rebuild the battered home. The special rent has been set at $2,500 for the rest of the year. The individual diving sessions can last up to 2 hours a time. Would you rent the luxury flying submarine owned by Sir Richard Branson? This is a unique experience that takes you underneath the sea. You are hardly going to be offered the same facilities on a luxury hotel because of the technology that is involved. It is not just the celebrity factor that should attract you to this toy. You also get the chance to see the world in a totally different way. These are the sorts of adventures that you will recount to your grandchildren.

As a business proposition the luxury flying submarine will appeal to tourists who have been flocking to the Island anyway. Nick Lachey recently had his belated marriage there and Kate Winslet had been on holiday with her family when the fire broke out. The vessel will allow guests to experience a totally different side of the location. On the other hand Richard Branson will have the pleasure of knowing that he can make up to $10,000 a day without even trying. That is the mark of a true businessman. It is an experience that might be difficult to forget.

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