Published On: Sun, Jun 28th, 2015

Excited by the Release of the Toshiba Thrive Tablet

As luck would have it the Toshiba Thrive tablet is coming at a time when all other technological powerhouses are bringing new products to the market. The real question is whether this system will be able to thrive. Best Buy gave us the news in a rather puzzling departure from protocol since we would have expected clarification from the manufacturer. On Thursday we received confirmation of the 10.1 inch gadget which will run on the Android 3.1 Honeycomb package from Google. Stores are going to be selling it from the 10th of July 2011. Pre orders started in June although no formal release date had been publicized at the time.  The Wi-Fi only tablet was given a suitably grandiose debut by Best Buy. Clients can order versions in 8GB, 16 GB ($479.99) or 32 GB (579.99). Unfortunately the 8GB version was not mentioned in the statement.  However we have indications that it will cost $429.99 as indicated by the listing on the website with a possible delivery date of 10-15th July.



New features and a new marketing model

The Toshiba Thrive tablet has Black Tie cases and there is one year worth of Geek Squad tech support to go with the package at just $99.99. If you are ordering online then you should be prepared to pay shipping costs worth $8.99. The tablet is going to be powered by an Nvidia 1GHZ dual core Tegra 2 chip.  The screen is 10.1 inches diagonal with high resolution and multi touch capability. The other dimensions are 1280 by 800 pixels on an LED display. There is a front webcam that carries 2 megapixels worth of viewing. You also get a camera on the rear which has 5 megapixels. A replaceable battery means that you no longer have to worry about those power cuts.

On the input side you have a 2.0 USB slot as well as HDMI, mini USB and SD card slots. The Toshiba tablet comes with some pre loaded software including the branded Media Player. Consequently users can stream music and videos which are then converted to formats suitable for DNLA Wi-Fi enabled television sets. The resolution+ facility means that the video viewing is sensational. Buyers are encouraged to take up some of the accessories including back covers in Lavender, Raspberry and Green Apple. These cost $19.99 and for the same price you can get a dust and scratch resistant screen cover.  The capacitive touch screen pen comes in at $14.99. Users can also purchase an HDMI connecting multi doc which is slip resistant at just under $60.

Is it worth the hype? For many people the Toshiba Thrive tablet is understated given the modernity of its futures. In particular the connection to television outlets is an amazing addition which is likely to transform the way that we watch television. The pricing is steep at the moment but is likely to reduce by about 20% in a few months time when the novelty begins to wear off. Users are already writing glowing reviews on this latest addition to the technology suit.

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