Published On: Fri, Jun 19th, 2015

ARM Has Unveiled a New Chip to Power their Smartphones

By 2013 ARM will have a chip to power their smartphones which are expected to cost $100 apiece. Some might argue that the brand is being too ambitious by beginning the quest this early. The mobile market is so volatile that it would be completely foolish to assume that the circumstances that are holding sway at the moment will be running the show in 2013. Instead they need to develop some long term strategies that are meant to place them in the right place for the market when some of the competitors begin to fall on the wayside. Are they taking this advice? The signs are that ARM wants to take on the world in much the same way that Apple and Google have completely transformed their brand in order to compete in the modern market. The country is feeling a bit depressed by all the great innovations that are happening and they want a bit of the action. The latest chips will be powering the cream of all smartphones but there is an added benefit in as much as they use 5 times less energy than the current offering. This is a tactic that has been employed in virtually all industries.

New Chip to Power their Smartphones

New Chip to Power their Smartphones

Setting the stage for the sustainable smartphone

The company that has been designing the chip is based in Cambridge (not the famous redbrick University of Cambridge) and it wants to create a form of information architecture that will eventually dominate the smartphone market. The ARM Cortex-A7 chip would be able to deliver power to processors without doing long term damage to the environment. These are the kinds of initiatives that may yet make a difference to the way in which we perceive technology in all its forms. There is a strong case to be made for the fact that the development of the chips comes from within the EU which is gradually losing its shine as the center for technological excellence.  Warren East is the Chief Executive of the company and hopes that they can bring the costs down as well in order to become even more competitive on the open market. They are specifically targeting the next billion of people that would join the bandwagon. It might be interesting if these companies considered the fact that there are millions of users in the developing world that are looking for gadgets that work.

The ARM Cortex-A7 chip will have the stereotypical 28 nanometer designer. It will work in conjunction with the Cortex-A15 processor as a single chip. Some of the tasks that it will specialize in include social networking. The two versions will work in tandem so that you do not have to switch them manually. Energy efficiency comes from the fact that you will only use the power levels that are absolutely necessary for the task. This is the thing that has sometimes troubled the people that are making use of modern technology. They end up with challenges that are related to the product which they are busy marketing. If the ARM Cortex-A7 chip can work then it may provide a great accessory for all those modern smartphones.

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