Published On: Fri, May 22nd, 2015

Review of the SoulCalibur V (Xbox 360)

Introduction: There have been 17 long years since the introduction of the SoulCalibur IV Series. Now we have something new to look forward to. There are heroes and mild villains in SoulCalibur V (Xbox 360). We can recommend the story as well as the presentation of the basic premise that drives this particular series of gaming experiences. Most of the fans will be pleased that a lot of emphasis has been placed on “realism” although we already know that gaming is a fantasy. These objectives are achieved using a combination of guile and a clear understanding of the technical efficiencies of the operating system which is supposed to drive the game.

Highlights:  The struggle between good and evil is at the heart of the SoulCalibur V gaming experience. For example you know that we will meet Patroklos who is the son of Sophitia Alexandra. The family destiny is just a tester of the great things that are coming your way when you work with the storyline that has been unveiled for this particular program. Most of the action is centered on the Soul Swords and the methods that they use in order to overcome those forces that are fighting them. A cynic might say that we have heard of the theme before and there is nothing new that is being brought to the table but the reality of the situation is that the game has been cleverly programmed to deliver the very best in terms of fighting and storytelling.

SoulCalibur V

SoulCalibur V

One of the most startling elements of SoulCalibur V which is noted by the review is the fact that they have fighting without giving the impression that this is a festival of violence. You get the feeling that Namco Bandai has been very particular about the way in which they want the stories to be presented. That means that there is a deliberate attempt to develop the characters so that they appear realistic even as they grapple with themes that are dubious at best. The exclusivity for the XBOX is somewhat worrying for those people that are looking for entertainment in different places. Perhaps they are best advised to come up with a formula that allows them to explore the full spectrum of gaming technology that is out there. The one thing that you cannot fault them on is imagination. This is an upgrade that packs a punch.

On a purely technical level, we love the transitions and sound effects. There could be some work done to ensure that the SoulCalibur V is realistic but that would destroy the fantasy that is essential to gaming. Therefore our conclusion is that they have the balance right. The gaming experience has been developed with specific attention to the needs of the players. The action is riveting but at the same time you can also enjoy the story of a family at war in a mythical land.

Editor rating: Surprisingly we are inclined to be very generous to the SoulCalibur V installment. Despite occasional awkward moments, it deserves 4.5 stars out of 5.

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