Published On: Tue, May 19th, 2015

Review of the ‘Girls around Me’ Application

We always knew that technology was a bit creepy. Who else would want to snoop on your most intimate habits for the purpose of gathering information? Those who have blind faith in technology will probably realize their folly when it is too late. This is a privacy wake-up call and the ‘Girls around Me’ is just a symptom of how much freedom we have given up once we decided to join the internet band wagon. There is simply no privacy with this application.

Highlights: Social networking has become a replacement for normal interpersonal relationships. There are certain rules that are supposed to govern how you deal with online friends as opposed to the real people that are within your sphere on a regular basis. It is shocking that the ‘Girls around Me’ application is legitimate despite the obvious dangers that it represents for the online community. Our lives are connected using social media but few people really understand the impact that this can have on their lives.

'Girls around Me' Application

‘Girls around Me’ Application

Essentially this application uses information that is gathered from FaceBook and the fourSquare network in order to create a profile of females living nearby. It is a meat market that has gone online. You then get a link to the FaceBook profiles of the ladies that have been identified. In other words you could end up being given tips on potential dates down the street. I am not entirely sure that people signed up to the social media frenzy with this kind of intrusion in mind. On the contrary, worries about privacy have led some people to extinguish their social media identities.

The physical location aspects of the program are particularly worrying. The fact that the ‘Girls around Me’ application can be placed on a mobile device such as the iPhone means that you could have stalkers moving from place to place in search of victims. There is nothing good about this sort of product and the people who have created it have served to showcase the privacy issues that have been controversial on the internet.

The Good: At least you now know that your information is never completely safe when you join the social networking websites. The ‘Girls around Me’ application has opened our eyes to the possibilities of danger.

The Bad: Where do I start? This is a very creepy application which is going to become a charter for the stalker. Perhaps some clever people will write a program that can stop it in its tracks.

Editor Rating: On the creepiness scale it earns 4 stars out of 5 but on the ethical scale it earns 0 out of 5 stars. Do not use this application.

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