Published On: Wed, Apr 15th, 2015

How the Business Community will Benefit From Google +

After a hugely successful trial, it seems that Google+ is going to raise the expectations of the business community. The sample has been doubled but there is still some delay in the full implementation of the project. The social communications service is likely to mimic some of the stalwarts of this sector such as FaceBook and MySpace. On the night of 7th July they actually did a quick check between 7pm and 9.40pm PDT. The engineering director David Besbris used a Google+ to communicate something about the ambitions of the project. He said that the trial was well on its way but that they were seeking to increase participation by 50%. The original field trial numbers were not disclosed at the time.

The participants were encouraged to invite friends but that facility was removed a few hours later on. It is not yet clear whether this was part of the project plan or the demand became too overwhelming. Business users of Google Apps will have to wait for the other pilots before they can enjoy the service. Of course this is the target audience at the end of the day. Their approval is essential to the success of the initiative in its entirety. The Google Profiles service is not yet compatible with their Apps provision. Although the engineers have provided reassurance about the work that they are doing to rectify the situation, there is quite a lot that has to be covered under the scheme. Privacy issues in particular will continue to give them a headache.

Google +

Google +

Finding ways to optimize user experiences

Christian Oestlien is the product manager for Google and he is entirely focused on client outcomes:”Right now, we’re very much focused on optimizing for the consumer experience”. He predicted that Google+ might be available to business customers later this year. Some of the features they hope to bring to the table include varied analytics and interconnectivity. For example an Ad Words campaign might be linked to a profile and monitored in that way. There was a request passed on to businesses that they should not create consumer profiles on Google+ until the service was fully functional. A small sample of businesses will be tested in order to assess user interaction with the commercial brand profiles that are critical to revenue security. The service list will include Hangouts and Circles. There is a web form which acts as a simultaneous application process. A publicity video contains the details but has only been released to a select group of people.

How will Google+ help? That is difficult to judge until the full scheme is implemented. We already know that big players like the Ford Motor Company are already in the loop. Their Director of Marketing Communications (Matt Van Dyke) was able to host a live chat in which he encouraged uses to visit a Hangout facility. It is not inconceivable to think that online businesses will be able to utilize Google+ in order to access their client lists. Inevitably there will be a process of learning but that was always the case with FaceBook.

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