Published On: Sun, Apr 19th, 2015

Frederick James Introduces the Bernie Madoff Collection iPad Covers

For some people this is a macabre idea given the fact that Bernie Madoff is a crook that completely destroyed the lives of millions of people. Nevertheless Frederick James is not about to give up on the free publicity. The luxury blogs are already reporting that the notorious fraudster’s pants have been sold as iPad covers. The iPad covers designer has classified the items as being vintage pieces and that automatically allows him to use them in them according to his needs and perceptions. A limited amount of clothing was obtained from the convicted felon and is now gracing the stylish mobile phones of the rich. Perhaps it is some subliminal way of achieving payback for the various crimes which the fraudster committed.

From a recycling point of view, this is a wonderful initiative but the various victims will be thinking of something entirely different. This man turned their lives into hell and they will be very disappointed if he is ever given another chance to feature heavily in public discourse. It would be infinitely preferable if he just crawled back to some place and never showed his face again. The sentence that was given is significant enough to ensure that Madoff is unlikely to see the free world again.  The price is $250 for a pair of the old vagabond’s khaki pants. They are from something as harmless as banana republic but his notoriety has added a bad taste to the whole thing.

iPad Covers

iPad Covers

Why glorify a convicted criminal

Bernie Madoff is not one of the gangsters that routinely collect a bevy of desperate women who write to them while on death row. Instead he has a fascination for those people that understand the world of high finance. The iPad costs $500 and it is always advisable to have something unique to carry off such a luxury gadget. A pair of bright orange Murphy and Nye Sail Maker’s Pants is the latest material being used to cover that item. There were only two covers made so this may qualify as a collection of some description. These are not practical items. According to the website the thing comes with a health warning: “The Frederick James iPad covers are not intended to be protective if you should drop your iPad while carrying it.” An unkind assessment would be that this accessory is rather overrated. We know that Bernie is bad but that is no excuse to rub it in.

John Vaccaro is the high tech entrepreneur who founded Frederick James. It is a company based in New York and their primary essence is to rescue clothes. These are then turned into novelty covers for iPads. The idea is quirky and even inspiring. However the added notoriety of Madoff may be too much to stomach. At the moment the American public is suffering from a recession which has virtually grasped any luxury item from them. The last thing they want to hear about is that rogue who was partly responsible for their plight. It will be some time before Bernie is ever forgiven.

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