Published On: Sat, Apr 4th, 2015

ChuChu Rocket blasts from Sega Dreamcast to the Android Sector

When we are reviewing the ChuChu Rocket, we have to include the Sega Dreamcast and other Androids. This is the puzzle game that is bound to become a major fixture in our Christmas season shopping. The game was originally released for the Sega Dreamcast console way back in 1999. In previous times we had to go to the iTunes app store in order to access some of these benefits. Now we are given options that allow us to select the product that is most viable under the circumstances. Now the puzzler has made it to the Android market and this means that there will be greater numbers of consumers that can access this product.

Specifications: The costing structure for the ChuChu Rocket game is one of the reasons why the review has been positive. You have to pay just $0.99 in order to access the service. The fun has not been taken out of the gaming experience and many people will be saved the pangs of nostalgia. They have included a touch-screen but fortunately that has not slowed down the functionality of the product. We love the swipe gesture which is associated with the gaming facilities that accompanied the Wii formats. A series of frantic mice present the biggest challenge for the player that attempts to tackle the ChuChu Rocket product. These are known as ChuChus. Apparently they have abandoned their rocket ship and you need to guide them back to that part of the world. You act through dropping arrowed tiles on the ground. The physical elements of the game are exhausting but also interesting.

ChuChu Rocket

ChuChu Rocket

The mice will continue to move around the screen. You can control this process by dropping a tile in front of them or pointing them in a different direction. The swipe motion is designed to allow you to control some of these movements effectively. Even where the game appears to be simplistic, there are many things that you have to overcome in order to reach the objectives that have been laid down in the first place. When you reach level 10 you will notice that you have to overcome some evil cats that keep misdirecting you and frightening the mice. There are three game modes which can suit you depending on the skill levels that you have and the level of involvement that you are prepared to put up with. The game play is quite quick and you need to concentrate or else you will find that the mice are running away from you.

Pros: You will enjoy ChuChu Rocket because it is a unique game that is not trying to copy some of the formulas that have worked before. Instead there is a bespoke approach to gaming in a way that is technically pleasing for the players. The download process is relatively simple and the operations are direct.

Cons: A review of the ChuChu Rocket game shows that the graphics are rather simplistic. Dreamcast can do more with the contents and the theme.

Editor rating: The ChuChu Rocket game deserves 4 stars out of 5 for retaining its relevance. Both the technical and thematic issues have been tackled well in order to deliver a first class gaming experience.

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