Published On: Mon, Mar 16th, 2015

We Take a Look at the NetGear WNDR3800 N600 Wireless Dual-Band Gigabit Router

The NetGear WNDR3800 N600 Wireless Dual-Band Gigabit Router has specific functions that are focused on the level of customer satisfaction. Therefore you will find that the design is tinkered with for the purposes of ensuring that the product is able to compete on the market. First of all it is able to dynamically select Wi-Fi channels. This suggests that you are able to define the kind of channels that you will be concentrating on. It is possible to access and share a USB hard drive from a remote location. Consequently you are no longer required to move around with many cables. An easy dashboard has been included in order to give you even more control over the home networks that you are working with.

  • High performance features: You get high performance wireless access to the internet. There are a series of demanding applications that are included in the suite The product enables you to enjoy streaming HD video as well as gaming on a multiple level of platforms. There are many features that are supported as part of the standard package. For example you are able to use ReadySHARE Cloud with a printer facility. In addition there is a Clear Channel Selector. The product comes with dual band technology which can run both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz varieties. Users do not get interference because the gadget is configured for simultaneous performance. Top speeds enable you to process multiple information trends.
Dual-Band Gigabit Router

Dual-Band Gigabit Router

  • The USB sharing facilities: The NetGear WNDR3800 N600 Wireless Dual-Band Gigabit Router offers you the ability to share files. It is attached to a USB hard drive which covers the spectrum within the living space or office. Moreover you may be able to print using the same methodology. This gadget is capable of working with both the Mac Computers and PCs depending on the configurations which you select at the beginning. It has a DLNA streaming service which works very well with HDTVs. A set of Blu-Ray players is the perfect complement to the sophisticated gaming consoles which are well within your reach when you purchase this accessory. The speeds that have been mentioned are in the region of 300Mbps. This is sufficient for most files even if you have extraordinary requirements.
  • The connections which make a difference: This router is ultra fast wired through the use of 4 gigabit Ethernet ports which are able to send information very quickly. The accessory comes with an Automatic Quality of Service or QoS. This enables you to stream videos on a high priority basis since they are quickly recognized from the other media files on the page. Antennas come with the package and they are finely tuned. ┬áThe wireless is large enough to give you control over the way that information is transmitted.

A fair assessment of the NetGear WNDR3800 N600 Wireless Dual-Band Gigabit Router will reveal that it is able to do the job that is described on the tin. Perhaps the only downside is that they have put in many complex features which might bring its score from 4.5 to 4 stars out of 5.

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