Published On: Sat, Feb 14th, 2015

For $90 Million You Can Get a Luxury 240 ft Siren Super Yacht

As far as the luxury yacht sector goes, the Siren is at the top of the range with a cost of $90 million. The Edmiston Company has listed this piece of absolute indulgence. The Nobiskrug superyacht was the class winner in a 2009 competition under the World Superyacht Awards. Only a Hollywood celebrity would have the style and cash to sustain such a luxury lifestyle. There are cinemas both indoors and outdoors. The living space can accommodate 12 guests with a crew of 16 to pamper them.  There is a steel hull which is supported by an aluminum superstructure. Newcruise are responsible for designing the plush exterior and interior. There is a great master suite in the forward on the main deck. You get a dressing room and a twin set of bathrooms.

The superyacht comes with large staterooms which are to be found on the lower deck. Queen sized beds are placed in 3 of the bedrooms. The one on the bridge deck has a twin bed as well as a double bed. A private office has been added to the luxurious surroundings but a double Pullman bunk allows you to attach and detach it from the stateroom. The vessel has an elevator which serves all the 4 decks. The Siren has a swimming platform which contributes to the duplex beach area. It has a circular balcony and a terrace for those unforgettable views. At the top deck there is a place for sunbathers and a Jacuzzi pool. You get double sun beds there. A touch and go helipad means that you can fly in when you need to.

Siren Super Yacht

Siren Super Yacht

A wonder of sea engineering

This mother of all super yachts uses a pair of MTU 16V 400M60 engines with 2,360 hp readings. That means that you can cruise at 14 knots and aim for a top speed of 17 knots. A combination of safety and luxury makes this a unique opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of life. It cannot be said that they have been sloppy with the way in which they have designed the basic structure of this instrument. In fact the $90 million appears to be paltry when you compare it with the kinds of things that you will be getting. A Russian Oligarch or someone from Tinsel Town will probably snap it up in a second. The fueling and maintenance of that thing must cost some serious dollars.

The trend is to turn travel into a holiday. The super private jets are not enough for those looking for the ultimate luxury lifestyle. You have to be able to enjoy the fruits of both the air and water. This creation is the latest in the efforts designed to ensure that everyone gets a chance to experience the wonders of engineering.  The credentials are impeccable and there is nothing but admiration for the way that they have utilized the limited space. One of the reviewers has described the top deck as a haven for sun bathers of all descriptions.

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