Published On: Fri, Dec 12th, 2014

URL Grab Sparks Rumors: What is happening with the Microsoft’s Xbox 8?

Once it was announced that Microsoft had grabbed the Xbox 8 URL, the rumors intensified. What are they up to? Already the brand is on record stating that 2012 is going to be dominated by the Xbox 360. However the speculation continues that the company is planning a surprise for their next-gen gaming console. Watchers are intrigued by the latest X-box related mystery. The company is in the middle of a drive designed to get ownership of the domains names for the Xbox 8.  The National Arbitration Forum gave Redmond control over according to  A Chinese Cybersquatter had attempted to hold them hostage.

Microsoft's Xbox 8

Microsoft’s Xbox 8

Preparing for new gaming features and models

The deal triggered a number of conspiracy theories. In addition there were major transfers with the following domain name and addresses:,,, and The speculation was discussed at the website. Apparently turning an 8 on its side produces an infinity symbol. Perhaps that means that we are looking at the Xbox Infinity. In any case MSNBC slyly points out the fact that next year will be the 8th birthday for the Xbox model. Are these really the likely scenarios?

Other commentators argue that the most likely situation is that Microsoft is planning to release Windows 8. The company will therefore be hoping to tie-in the two events. Last September Microsoft confirmed that they would be adding Xbox Live to the newly revamped operating system. On the other hand it might be just a case of Microsoft trying to desperately protect its trademark. A money-hungry cybersquatter may have been waiting in the shadows but now they have effectively covered most angles. This is the same reason that Apple decided to secure Documents leaked online indicate that Microsoft has decided to name its next generation of gaming consoles the Xbox 720.

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