Published On: Thu, Dec 18th, 2014

Third Party Browsers are to Lose Flash Support: the Android 4.1 Irony is Revealed

What is it about the Android 4.1 Irony that piques our interest? Well 3rd party browsers are going to lose flash support. This change or update will affect Dolphin HD, Opera Mobile and even the mighty Firefox. They will all no longer support Flash in the Android 4.1. We were all excited about Jelly Bean but it is now clear that the OS is even more intriguing than we originally anticipated. Adobe announced last week that it intends to drop Flash Player support to the operating system.

Android 4.1 Irony

Android 4.1 Irony

  • Tit for tat is a fair game: Jonathan Nightingale is a senior engineering director at Mozilla Firefox. During an interview with PCMag, he confirmed that the support had been withdrawn. Thomas Ford is a spokesperson for Opera Mobile and he similarly confirmed the news. He says that the browser could only support Flash if it was available for their platform or device.

Currently the vast majority of applications are based on Web Standards including HTML5. However that does not necessarily apply to Flash Technology which is to be found in rich media files including games and videos. It also applies to online publications. A typically case in point is the 60 minutes website. Nevertheless it has been estimated that 98% of all web-browsing desktops are still able to support Flash plug-ins.

Changing the use of browsers and mobile devices

One of the key features that have been associated with the Android 4.1 is that it uses a Chrome browser that is essentially flash-less. The stock Android browsers on tablets are now in line to be replaced. It is becoming increasingly rare to find Flash Support in mobile browsers. Companies are now pushing for the inclusion of HTML5 as the preferred web browsing standard.

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