Published On: Mon, Dec 29th, 2014

Song Pop Thrives: There are now 2 Million Daily Active Users

Having achieved the significant milestone of 2 million daily active users, it is fairly clear that Song Pop is doing very well. It is a case of the way we flirt now. Users are discovering novel ways to hook up with other people. The online connections are linked to various FaceBook games including Draw Something and Song Pop. Apps like Pair are also letting us feel the love. In fact the space has been ballooning to the extent that they have set a couple for the co-founders.

Song Pop

Song Pop

  • From the launch to unprecedented growth: It is only a month since the launch of Song Pop but now the CEO Mathieu Nouzareth reports that the feature is winning fans across the net. They have up to 1.9 million daily active users on AppData. In fact the CEO suggests that the real number may be even bigger given the fact that many users log on via their independent Song Pop Accounts using Android and iOS.

In terms of comparative analysis, we might point out the fact that Angry Birds Friends has been another great hit with 3.3 million daily active users. It must be said that the startup benefitted from a fortuitous thumbs-up courtesy of Mark Zuckerberg. That meant that they were featured on the FaceBook Founder’s status update. There was also a gushing post on the personal blog of Arrington (founder of TechCrunch).

Get those visitors coming now?

The success factor for Song Pop is to be found in the fact that they used simulated synchronous gameplay. You can flirt both sexually and otherwise using this feature. It is the equivalent of ThumbKiss from Pair. The Draw Something feature allows you to titillate other people and leave them guessing. In effect it breaks the ice and allows you to bond with other users online. It must be said that Song Pop is less personal than Draw Something. Furthermore it has lower barriers to entry. There are 5 songs selected from universal genres such as Classic Rap, Ultimate 90s and Love Songs. The users race with one another to recognize them first.

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