Published On: Sat, Oct 18th, 2014

Modern Warfare 3 Luxury Pack is Meant to Dazzle you with a Series of Gaming Experiences

The Modern Warfare 3 game comes with an Oscar Mike which has multiplayer capabilities. It is also a limited Xbox tool which takes gaming to a whole new level. The official launch is in November but already there are rumors taking to the internet about the specifications that are hotly anticipated. Call of Duty XP is the place where fans meet to discuss anything that means anything in the gaming world. It is not possible to follow all the hardcore changes but this particular item seems to be making the waves.

Modern Warfare 3

Modern Warfare 3

Specifications: Los Angeles was awash with news of the Modern Warfare 3.  There were recreations of zombies and MW maps. The gaming sessions allowed you to have more than one line going at a time. Visitors were entertained by Kanye West and Dropkick Murphys. Amongst all that fluff was the gem that is the Modern Warfare. The unique disc art was a topic for conversation. There is a collective steel case to accompany the product and you also get a 100 page field journal. The latter piece includes Call of Duty diagrams and sketches.  You also have a 1 year membership of the Elite team.

The exclusive and limited edition is going to cost $399. However the standard versions might go as low as $200. At the top of the range you get a 320GB hard drive. They also allow you a copy of the game and some plastic avatars. There is a new multiplayer on MW3. Likewise the fans were thrilled at the prospect of getting their hands on the “Kill Confirmed” model. This is the death match point of the game where you have 5 kill streaks. The overriding impression is that this is a humorous set that has not forgotten the importance of enjoying computer games.

Best Feature: The maps on the Modern Warfare 3 are quite impressive and the graphics are of the highest quality. The slow motion feature for the last player will add to the tantalizing prospect for playing this specific game. domain list This is certainly better than the Black Ops which was released last year at the Call of Duty event.

Pros: The Modern Warfare 3 pack brings a sense of fun to gaming. It is a complete package with all sorts of trivial if you are able to pay the premium price at the top of the range. It is safe to say that this was the highlight at the Call of Duty event.

Cons: The removal of the 3rd personal gaming experience from the Modern Warfare 3 pack will be keenly felt by the people that are buying this particular gadget. They may have gotten rid of it in order to increase operational efficiency but that is something that could have been left behind. The fans would have been pleased.

Summary: With the Modern Warfare 3 we can look forward to a unique gaming experience which allows for closer interaction with the players. It is a sleek and effective package.

Editor Rating: For beating last year’s fare, the Modern Warfare 3 deserves 4 stars out of 5.

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