Published On: Tue, Jul 15th, 2014

Samsung ready to launch their next Galaxy phone at London event

There have been many rumors about the next step for Samsung. The technology brand will be putting some of these rumors to rest by launching their next Galaxy Phone. This will be at an event in London on Thursday. Over 20 million copies of the existing Galaxy S2 have been sold since the model was launched in 2011. Subsequently the brand overtook Nokia as the best selling mobile phone maker in the world. They have included a number of changes in the latest version of the gadget. For example there is a new screen size, form factor and a high resolution camera. Perhaps these changes will drive sales higher than its successful predecessor.

Galaxy phone

Galaxy phone

What are some of the specifications on the latest phone?

The brand managers are being secretive about the full name of the next phone. They simply refer to it as the ‘next Galaxy’. Fans will be disappointed to hear that they are not getting a 3D display with the new phone. However there is going to be a new Exynos 4 quad-core chip. The marketing team has promised that the arm-based design is going to be able to increase the processing capabilities of the phone by up to 100% despite the fact that it uses 20% less energy than the chip which was attached to the Galaxy S2. Users will be able to record and playback videos with 1080p high definition resolution settings.

Most company watchers are of the view that the performance of the phone is going to be primarily based on how easy it is to use. Carolina Milanesi is the research vice president for the tech analysis firm Gartner and she gives her perspective on the latest phone: “To the normal consumer the chip is not important per se, but the experience it offers is”. Essentially users will be getting a more efficient use of the battery on the phone as well as a touch response that is instinctive.

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