Published On: Mon, Jul 28th, 2014

Review of the Nokia Lumia 900

Some reviewers have claimed that the Nokia Lumia 800 is the most beautiful phone ever. Apart from the aesthetics this is a gadget that is worthy of the compliment that it is the best Windows phone on the market today. That means that the next generation of Nokia Lumia 900 phones has a tough act to follow. In the end they managed to create something that was cheaper and faster than the original versions. To crown their achievement, a sensible pricing strategy was put in place so as to woo consumers into the fold.

Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia Lumia 900

Specifications: The branding requirements mean that the Nokia Lumia 900 is probably a last chance for the public to get interested in the line of products that are being produced. This is not necessarily a reflection on the quality of the products but rather the reality that there are many competitors out there. It uses the OS-7.5 Mango suite in order to deliver first class operations. The layout is very similar to anything that has been seen in previous guises. A rounded polycarbonate body means that the Nokia Lumia 900 is able to meet the aesthetics test. They have also ensured that the dimensions pass the portability test which is important in this gadget review.

For a comparative analysis you might want to look at the HTC Titan. On that basis alone we can safely say that the Nokia Lumia 900 comes out on top. The clear glass on the screen is very responsive and it continues the theme of modernity that is prominent throughout the design process. The coloring when you are checking text and images is quite vivid. This means that your surfing experience will be as realistic as possible. The tactile nature of the keys is almost like a disease that attracts you to use the phone. Once the connectivity was established, this phone is capable of handling large amounts of data quickly.  At just $100 this is a great bargain. The downside is that you would have to subscribe to the AT&T network. The applications are not always as good as we anticipate but that is made up for by exceptionally good looks.

Pros: The Nokia Lumia 900 costs very little when you look at the specifications that it is brining to the table. For $100 you get a smart looking phone with some basic features. Nobody can say that that is a bad bargain.

Cons: There are some imaging problems which they have not yet resolved. That is a fly in the ointment for an otherwise acceptable standard phone.

Editor Rating: After this broad review, the Nokia Lumia 900 deserves 4 stars out of 5. This is a cheap alternative for people who do not want fancy specifications.

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