Published On: Thu, Jul 17th, 2014

Bid for Elpida: Micron Takes on Samsung by Buying the Major Apple Supplier

For many industry watchers, this represents an aggressive move on the part of Micron. They have decided to buy Elpida which is a major supplier for Apple. Essentially they will become the second largest memory chip maker worldwide. The top spot firmly belongs to Samsung but they are doing everything in their power to change the status quo. Elpida Memory is a great catch given the fact that it has been working with Apple on an extended basis.

  • Penetrating the market: We already know that chipmaker based in Boise (Idaho) is going to buy the now bankrupt Elpida group for $2.5 billion. This means that they will double their share of the memory chip market and are expected to stand at about 24%. Meanwhile Samsung remains the market leader at 42%.


What is the background of the company? Formed in 1999, Elpida came onto the scene when Hitachi and NEC merged their respective memory chip businesses. Unfortunately the memory market proved to be susceptible to price fluctuations. This meant that they filed for bankruptcy in February. At that point their debt portfolio was worth $5.6 billion. This happened despite the fact that they remained the 3rd largest maker of memory chips in the world.

A new beginning for all the parties involved in the deal

It must be said that the Japanese Company already has a strong presence in the mobile DRAM market. It has been supplying Apple especially in regards to the iPhone 4S and the 3rd generation iPad. Some analysts including Glen Yeung from Citigroup argue that Apple must have influenced the bidding process in order to avoid disrupting its constant supply of DRAM.

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