Published On: Mon, Jul 21st, 2014

Adventures of Arkham City: A Review of the Batman Series

It is not easy to write a game review of the batman series. However we are now looking at the latest installments which promise to take over the developments that were associated with its predecessors. Arkham City is the center of the activities and it also focuses on the themes of deprivation and being locked up. The asylum has now been granted new identities and an element of personality which distinguishes it from all the other schemes that are in line. The superhero remains the protagonist but there are different sub-plots to keep you occupied for the duration of the game.



Interesting storylines: Rocksteady Studios have always been firm favorites of the gaming review experts because of the fact that they bring innovation to the industry at all times. This is no exception because they have looked beyond the simple merits of the program. It is still possible to see the comic inspirations that defined this series but you really need to be careful so as not to fall into the trap of assuming that there is some great epiphany that is associated with this gaming experience.  Jeff remains one of the gems of the series. The graphics have been improved so that you get the impression that you are in the real world even if you are merely manipulating the controls. The game play hours have been increased which is a blessing for all those people who were worried about the long winter months. In fact the Arkham City has been demarcated to be an increase of 500% on the original dimensions of the Arkham Asylum.

For the true fans there is the added attraction of the collectibles which are scattered all over the place. There are trophies that will help you enjoy the tales of the Riddler. The Batman universe is no longer too self absorbed. They have created space for the people to look at the sub plots. A leader board will help you identify your scores and the point at which your gaming reaches its zenith. You will find the smooth moves of the protagonist and Catwoman rather fascinating in terms of how smooth they have been made. The story writers have handled the criminal elements of the story very well and you tend to feel as if you are part of the action. One of the best techniques that they have used is to turn the city into a character within the grand scheme of things.

Best Feature: The game review absolutely loves the graphics and the little architectural details that have been included in the setting. The sub plots in the Arkham City do not take anything away from the main characters. Instead they gradually build to a level where the gaming experience continues to shine.

Editor Rating: You really need to rush out and get the Arkham City video game. The review clearly shows that there is a level of sophistication which sometimes eluded the previous attempts at detailing this comic story.

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