Published On: Mon, Jun 9th, 2014

What are we to make of “Hitman: Absolution”?

The uninitiated will not fully appreciate the impact of “Hitman: Absolution”. This is a game that has a creative assassin in the guise of Agent 47. The story goes that he has escaped police custody and is now doing his thing in a hippie haven. The last place you could ever imagine the CIA operating is a hippie camp. For many people this is the bastion of anti establishment liberalism. It is therefore innovative to include such a story line in the game. The scene is set when a policeman makes an entrance as Agent 47 receives a bong. As is the case in these things, the assassin flips the bomb, whacks the law enforcement officer and flees while wearing his uniform. The thing about this game is that the action is so quick that you never get the chance to be bored. The methods used to get rid of perceived enemies are imaginative. They use anything and everything within the vicinity to conquer any problems. An assassin on the run is unlikely to garner natural affection unless of course he is sticking it to an authoritative figure. We love to hate the police until they are protecting us from crime.

“Hitman: Absolution”

“Hitman: Absolution”

Watching unbelievable stories without cynicism?

You have to suspend your grasp on reality in order to play “Hitman: Absolution”. Nonetheless the stories are not outlandish in the sense that you can see yourself following them through. Earlier editions of Hitman have provided the template for this latest game. Therefore you should not expect to be amazed by the action and pace. Instead you will see that there is subtle development of the themes and the assassin is able to turn our affections with some clever editing. The demo is set in Chicago, that bastion of violent criminality and all sorts of stereotypes. In another scene the assassin is ring behind the upper floor of a library. When the police order a search, he leaps out. The addition of the Instinct feature allows viewers to completely empathize with the assassin by viewing the environment from his perspective.

Critics have made favorable comparisons with the Arkham Asylum in Batman. When you are playing it is possible to see the path that the enemy is taking. It is also possible to see through wall structures. The suspension of belief is always near the surface but not so much that the integrity of the concept is lost.  In the library scene, a silent choke is used to subdue the policeman. The jabbing action on a fuse box is eerily immediate. You are almost in the room witnessing the unbelievable action. The enemies are destroyed with increasingly imaginative methods such as marble bust slams, power cord ties, yanking and even the use of police batons.

You will enjoy the disguises which are almost comical in their variety. When the assassin is impersonating a police officer an arrow pops up to indicate suspicion. They can never replicate the real action of a human being but at least the robots are interesting. If you are intrigued by “Hitman: Absolution” then you will have to wait in 2012 where it will be attached to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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