Published On: Wed, Jun 25th, 2014

IMDB Network has unveiled a Mobile Trivial Game for iOS

The IMDB iOS mobile trivial game is going to give you hours of pleasure if you know how to play it. The movie website is gradually coming to the realization that they have to diversify their activities in order to cope with the realities of the market today. You cannot concentrate on one aspect when there is a lot going on in the industry. The launch on Tuesday was meant to capture the imagination of the audiences which will be looking for something to use for purposes of spending their leisure time. Hollywood buffs will be particularly impressed by the way that the industry has been incorporated into the gaming gadget. It is really an attempt to bring the movies closer to the audiences.

  • Downloads of something that works: The current figures indicate that the IMDB has recorded up downloads of up to 26 million transactions. This happens on all the mobile platforms which mean that there is a peripatetic approach. Entertainment is provided in various forms in order to keep the interest of audiences going. The Apple iOS network was able to have 15 million downloads while the Android group had to settle for 10 million. The IMDB founder Col Needham was giving an interview to CNET where the developments were confirmed.  This is a website which has 110 million unique users. That means that all mobile phone providers have to be aware of the marketing opportunities which would naturally result from this coverage.
Mobile Trivial Game

Mobile Trivial Game

  • Keeping the pressure up on the market: The IMDB service is owned by Amazon, an outlet that has been particularly effective at selling products through the recommendations that come from users. Other platforms will also get coverage under this new scheme. Eventually there may be a complete coverage of the network with all the latest gadgets. At the moment they are looking at the feedback that is coming from the users so that they can redesign the product in such a way as to attract the maximum efficiency. This is a free service as part of the pilot and members will get 3 free game packs. The main objective for the player is to answer as many questions as possible about Hollywood and the classical moves.
  • The mechanics of playing the game: The IMDB iOS mobile trivia game will have 5 levels of difficulty. Kintan Brahmbhatt is the head of the mobile division at the website and says that users are given the option of buying two additional packs. These will cost less than a dollar each. The games will concentrate on Hollywood Blockbusters and TV shows. Over time the brand hopes to come up with even more bespoke packages which are meant to attract and keep the attention of the general public. It is a scheme that has many fans and the potential has already been established.

Hollywood and gaming is a winning combination. The IMDB iOS mobile trivia game is the culmination of years of research into this sector. It brings together entertainment and a penchant for movies. Commercial success is virtually guaranteed.

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