Published On: Tue, May 13th, 2014

Phenomenon of 2D Snowboarding Games for iOS

There is something ultimately very compelling about the 2D Snowboarding games; especially in as much as they related to the entertainment industry. The official downloads are being simplified in order to ensure that users do not have to follow challenging trends in order to pick up this bit of gaming experience. Other users feel that they can use these as a stop gap as they wait for more substantive changes to take place. It is also ironic that we are now thinking about Winter Sports and they are coming up with technology that will only serve to increase the nostalgia. The applications are meant to give you a spectrum of activities that you can enjoy with the redundant gadgets that you may have purchased during the busy season.

Finding the right methodology for having fun on the circuit

In the first set you have a rag doll which is capable of many fits. The use of physics has come to haunt the rivals for this coveted sport. Tricks involve coming down mountains and performing all sorts of moves that are plainly unrealistic in the universe. Another is playing a rat on a snowboard as you rush through the domains. A third set includes the trailing of some rather complex tracks with big flips being put in for good measure. The ultimate aim is to ensure that you get to the finishing line in good time. Would you like to become an expert snowboarder without having to put up with multiple injuries? If this is the case then the latest down is just the right chance for you to improve you your performance in this respect.

Snowboarding Games

Snowboarding Games

The Super Trick Snowboarder comes in at just $1.99. It is a 3D feature that gives every indication of being a great mover on the circuit. You can jump, spin and flip using the latest graphics. The cartoon features tend to give you a sense that this is not a real environment and perhaps that is the kind of escapism that is required in order to complete gaming expeditions successfully. A snowboard provides the platform for the control system. You get four buttons on the back, front and side which will give you the right movements in either direction. Ergonomically speaking the arrangement of the features is just right but you could get confused if you are not particularly used to groping about for buttons and controls.

On the downside the rag doll physics are slightly ambitious. For example the leaning transitions are not as smooth as you might expect from a modern technology suit. Eventually you will feel as if the game is playing you rather than it being done the other way round. A lot of practice is needed before you get to grips with all the playing elements within the settings.

Editor rating

For most intents and purposes the 2D gaming is meant to keep you entertained as you look for other challenges. That is why a rating of 4 stars out of 5 is not a bad conclusion to this project.

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