Published On: Sat, Apr 5th, 2014

The V-Moda in-ear Headphones Take Inspiration from True Blood

Trying the V-Moda “in-ear” luxury headphones is a unique experience especially if you are a fan of True Blood. They are the perfect fit and do not cause those terrible headaches that had become part of the experience of listening to music on the move. The sound quality means that you can listen to crystal clear music as well as mobile phone conversations. The price tag of $99 is acceptable when you look at the quality of the output.

Specifications: The V-Moda “in-ear” luxury headphones are picked up from collaboration with HBO. The mark of the vampire is there to see from the perspective of True Blood fans. Apparently the testing has gone as high as military standards in order to ensure that you are getting the right thing.  For example they have used Kevlar cable in order to ensure that the thing lasts for an eternity. A 2 year warranty is provided if you are ever unhappy about your purchase. Aircraft grade aluminum is used for some of the parts in order to create the universal fit. There is a conical shape that helps to reduce the discomfort levels for the user.



It is perhaps useful to contrast the V-Moda “in-ear” luxury headphones with the Etymotic ER-4PT Micro Pro earphones. The latter earphones need to be rammed up your ear canal while the former is a comfortable fit.  There is a tight seal on this brand which is important for you to get the right sounds. The silicone fittings come in different sizes such as XS, S, M and L. The use of Bass Level Isolating Soft Silicone or BLISS 2.0 has made this a class leader within the industry.

The silhouette is designed to conform to the shape of the ear. The cable is placed in a convenient obtuse angle which does not trouble your ear flaps. A set of detachable rubber sport hooks which keep the structure in place even if you are sweating. In short the V-Moda “in-ear” luxury headphones are perfect for jogging and exercise.

Best Feature: The fans of True Blood will love the aesthetics but they mean virtually nothing to everyone else. However we must point out the tough metal that is used for the ear bud housing. In addition the Kevlar reinforced cable helps with the durability of this item. The 2 year warranty is perfect for your peace of mind.

Pros: The V-Moda “in-ear” luxury headphones are very comfortable to wear regardless of your ear size. They also do not need to include various contraptions before delivering great sound. The look is both sleek and aesthetically pleasing.

Cons: It is rather disconcerting to note that the cord is loud as it rubs your clothes. The use of the single button remote is also too rigid especially if you want to control the volume. That is why some users have complained of audible frequency interference.

Summary: A combination of durability and a theme based on True Blood makes the V-Moda “in-ear” luxury headphones a worthy treat. They are durable and dependable.

Editor Rating: The fit and sound quality of the V-Moda “in-ear” luxury headphones means that they deserve a considered rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.

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