Published On: Sat, Apr 19th, 2014

A Review of the Bose OE2 headphones

The review of the Bose OE2 headphones shows that they are quite compact. In fact they beat the original OE or On-Ear gadgets by far on this point. The low weight does not necessarily mean that you are losing out on the basic functionality of the product. A fold up design means that these are very easy gadgets to carry regardless of the circumstances. A detachable headphone cord has been included for good measure. Likewise the sound specifications are fairly impressive for the gadget. On the other hand the fidelity has been criticized for its bass resonance settings.

It is worth noting that the Bose OE2 headphones are very comfortable to use. The review notes that they are capable of bringing in good sound unless you are prone to using too much base. The sound quality is detailed but also fairly well balanced. It is a matter of personal preferences as to whether you will select this gadget over all the other alternatives that might have been of benefit in doing this work. The pairs are priced differently with the OE2 coming in at $149.95 a piece while the OE2i has a price tag o$179.95. The color choices that you have are black or white. A microphone has been added in order to cope with phone calls from Apple gadgets. For example the Bose OE2 headphones are perfectly comfortable working with the MacBook, iPhone, iPad and iPod. We love the fitting and the fact that you are unlikely to get that irritating ringing noise when you opt to work with the Bose OE2 headphones.

Bose OE2 headphones

Bose OE2 headphones

The weight distribution requirements have been handled with distinction. Some reviewers have complained that the ears can get steamy with this pair but in reality that is something that is associated with the generic shapes that they are using.  The Bose OE2 headphones can fold up easily for easy storage and transportation. What more could a consumer ask for at that price? On the downside you have to contend with the fact that some of the background noise has been able to infiltrate the product in such a way as to cause some havoc. Users that are looking for advance noise isolation might want to consider the Bose Quiet Comfort series. However you will need batteries in order to completely remove the impact of atmospheric sounds.

Undoubtedly, the Bose OE2 headphones are known for the fact that they can bring good music to the ears at an affordable rate. They are also designed for a comfortable fit. The fact that these earphones can be folded up means that you do not have to worry about generic portability.

The balancing on the bass elements requires a bit of change in order to achieve all the various sound dimensions. We also feel that they could have added something a bit more dramatic in terms of the color. Nevertheless these are merely minor points that require some tweaking.

For all the work that has gone into managing the Bose OE2 headphones, 4 stars out of 5 are appropriate after the review.

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