Published On: Wed, Feb 26th, 2014

Review of the Cisco Connect Cloud: Is it the Best Wi-Fi out there?

Prior to undertaking a review of the Cisco Connect Cloud it is important to note the fact that for some people it is the best firmware product out there for home routers. The interface platform has been serving consumers with diligence and precision ever since its introduction. One of the strengths that it has is the ability to support 3rd party apps.

Specifications: If you are looking to manage home appliances and networks then you could do a lot worse than the Cisco Connect Cloud. Using the internet, this platform allows you to engage in a series of inter-connected activities via your home devices. Potentially this could be the key to ensuring that your home is fully connected in all circumstances. Unfortunately there are a few problems that you may have to contend with.

The Cisco Connect Cloud has a special QoS feature which is only limited to a maximum of three services or devices. Perhaps the Media Prioritization model should have been opened up a bit more. In this review we also noted the fact that the USB storage feature does not support media streaming to mobile devices. Meanwhile consumers have to settle with the fact that there are currently only a few supported home appliances.



At the end of the day Cisco Connect Cloud is able to change the way in which consumers interact with their home network. That represents a major revolution in the way that a wireless router can work. Another advantage it has is the simplicity of its use. You do not have to earn the equivalent of a PHD in consumer electronics before operating this thing.

Pros: We love the relative simplicity of the operations.

Cons: The limit on the number of interconnected devices can be frustrating.

Editor Rating: To be fair… the potential of the Cisco Connect Cloud will continue to grow as more devices become linked. At this moment we are prepared to score it 4 stars out of 5 based on its specification.

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  1. SoftPeek says:

    Cloud connect is not that good

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