Published On: Sun, Feb 23rd, 2014

Promise of Stricter API Rules Dismay Twitter Developers

The promise of stricter API rules has been greeted with dismay on the part of Twitter developers. They are particularly concerned that the microblogging service is turning its back on those developers that have been critical to its success. Shockwaves were sent throughout the wider developer community with the announcement from the social media company. Many felt jilted and expressed concern about the direction in which the company seems to be moving.

  • A major policy change in the offing: For the past two and a half years, there has been a policy that was largely accepted. Twitter now says that it plans to tighten the rules governing the application programming interface. The justification they have provided is the need to ensure tha the core Twitter experience is populated with a consistent set of tools and products.


The company blog post announced the policy. Meanwhile their consumer product manager Michael Sippey talked about the possibility of creating expanded tweets where users can preview stories, videos and images. These are to be linked within the tweets. He says that they have started to enforce their Developer Rules working with their partners. The Twitter API is going to be reviewed with particular attention given to branding issues.

Some important changes in the Twitter protocols

At the same time Twitter has simultaneously cancelled a cross-posting partnership with Linked-In. That means that users will be able to post updates to Twitter but the reverse is not true. Nobody is yet clear about why the business network has been sidelined in this way. Some developers acknowledge Twitter as being a great source of internet resources but then criticize it for failing to develop great clients in an innovative way. Subsequently they argue that the network will end up being homogenized with a boring monoculture and outlook.

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