Published On: Sun, Jan 26th, 2014

The Home Page Ticker has been Removed by FaceBook but we are Reassured that it Will be Back Soon

Why did FaceBook decide to remove the Home Page Ticker? They work in mysterious ways but now we hear that it should be back soon. The real-time news ticker has vanished from the screens and many users were left puzzled at the ‘new look’. One commented that it was a case of ‘Poof…Vanished…Gone’. Apparently users are being reassured that they will get it back soon. Strangely no notification has been posted on the FaceBook Known Issues Page. Are they becoming soft on their customer care issues? We had to rely on a Twitter user who sent a message from a friend saying that all will be well soon enough.

  • Is the removal permanent? That was always a distinct possibility but we hear that some people have gotten their timeline back. Invariably the ticker has been referred as the FaceBook Firehouse in as much as it is capable of showing abbreviated stories. You can then catch up with nearly every action that has been undertaken by your friends regardless of how insignificant it is.

The problem with removing the Home Page Ticker is the possibility that this will reduce the ability of 3rd party apps to grow. The social media giant would then have a lot more prime real estate above the fold. Inevitably they are going to use it to show even more ads. Just before 9pm PST (30th of June), the stories about the disappearance started to trickle in. Meanwhile the FaceBook officials have said nothing.



Was it time to get rid of the stalker ticker?

Many users are innately worried about the invasion of privacy and other related matters when they use FaceBook. You get the feeling that you are peering into the private activities of all the people that are associated with you on the social media network. For example you can see their posts, photos, comments and articles. On the other hand this could also be defined as a Spotify Ticker because it provided the music app with an avenue for access to consumers since its launch at f8 in 2011.

Other app makers got into the act especially with the entrance of the Open Graph app platform. The stories became fewer especially when they related to relatively distant acquaintances. Consequently a story had to get lots of likes, dislikes or comments before it appeared on the feed. There were aggregate reports about many people reading a particular story.

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