Published On: Sun, Jan 19th, 2014

Prices for the New MacBook Pro and Air have been Slashed at Best Buy

It is probably a well thought-out decision but the news that the prices of the New MacBook Pro and Air have been slashed is going to make consumers very happy. The decision was taken by Best Buy which is already one of the better bargain stores online for consumer electronics. You can now get the least expensive Air for just $949.99. Perhaps this will give a boost to the MacBook range which is already becoming a critics’ choice. You still get the 15.4” Retina Display but the prices are decidedly consumer-friendly.

  • Savings of up to $140: We reckon that under the new system you could be making savings in excess of $100. Perhaps the biggest discount of the weekend was on the $2,799.99 Retina Pro which boasts 8GB worth of memory. It has a 512GB solid state drive model MC976LL/A. You can now get it at just $2,659.99

In the grand scheme of things the MacBook Pro and Air still remain rather expensive products. However the specifications that have been added to them make it all worthwhile. The least expensive Retina Pro has now been dropped to $2,089.99 for the model MC97666/A. This is a $110 shaving off the regular price that you would expect. Meanwhile the latest MacBook Airs are not spared the slash treatment. For example the model MD223LL/A had its price falling from $999.99 to $949.99 (a saving of $50).

MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro

Was the pricing strategy right in the first place?

It may be the case the consumers have until now been paying over the odds. However the specs tell another story. For example the latest MacBooks feature a new Intel Ivy Bridge 3rd generation of i-series processors. They have been upgraded with HD 4000 graphics silicon specifications as well as USB 3.0 Ports. Of course the MacBook Pro Family gives you a 2880 by 1800 pixel density which is complemented by the Nvidia GeForce GT 650 Graphics Chip. Now you can pick up the discounted models using the in-store facility. Hurry before they change their minds!!!

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